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Mid-Michigan Basketball Scoreboard is designed to be a reliable source for high school basketball scores and stats for coaches, players and fans across the Mid-Michigan area.

Getting Started -- CMAC basketball

Beginning with the 2011 - 2012 basketball season, Mid-Michigan Basketball Scoreboard will provide all the scores, standings, and stats for the Central Michigan Athletic Conference Boys and Girls Varsity basketball programs.

About Our Service

  • Mid-Michigan Basketball Scoreboard makes it simple for coaches and scorekeepers to email team and individual statistics immediately following each game.  Visit our Coaches page for details on sending in scores and stats.
  • This data is processed and the website is updated on a regular basis, providing current and up-to-date team and individual stats.
  • As our system becomes more widely used, the opportunity to provide this service to conferences beyond the CMAC and throughout the Mid-Michigan area.
  • Check back often for updates on www.midmichiganhoops.com!
  • We welcome your feedback and comments.  Please visit our Contact page to let us know what you think!
Basketball Scoreboard